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7 Dec 2020

Kaplan Turbine Practicum

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Kaplan Turbine Practicum Installation


The water turbine used in this testing is a Kaplan turbine with a horizontal shaft. The moment of turbine output is measured with a brake dynamometer mounted on the end of the turbine shaft. The moment is measured by the difference in spring balanced position. The zero-spring position must be calibrated before the test is carried out. Turbine power then calculated from the output moment and shaft rotation measured by tachometer.

Turbine shaft power can be adjusted by changing the angle of the turbine blade and guide vane. Turbine power is regulated by several guide vane that can be driven by a hand shaft. Water flow rates can be calculated by measuring the pressure difference. The test installation can be seen in Figure 1. A number of valves installed in the installation can be used to adjust the direction of water flow.

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