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14 Dec 2020

Steam Power Plant Testing

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Sistem Pembangkit Daya Siklus Uap

Pabrikan: Bolton Superheater, Wards Patents, LTD

Kapasitas 1,5 kW

Bahan bakar diesel (pertadex)

Boiler dengan kapasitas 150 lb/h, tekanan 11 bar


  • Understand the energy conversion process in a steam power plant
  • Understand the efficiency of power generation as the performance parameter in steam power plant



         Steam power plant is a power generating system by using the chemical energy in a fuel which converted into the turbine’s shaft power. Energy conversion process described as below.

  1. Chemical energy stored in the fuel converted into thermal energy by combustion as a hot gass. This process occur in the burner.
  2. Thermal energy of the combustion gas transferred into the water H2O, so that thermal energy of the H2O increasing. This process take place in the steam generator.
  3. Thermal energy of H2O converted into kinetic energy of H2O when it flows through the nozzle.
  4. Kinetic energy of H2O converted into mechanical energy in the rotating turbine.
  5. Mechanical energy in the rotating turbine converted into electrical energy in the generator.