Internal Combustion and Propulsion system Laboratory

Internal combustion engines and propulsion systems is one of Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering’s Laboratory. This lab has facilities to support academics and research activities related to internal combustion engines and propulsion systems, such as: fossil fuels, biofuels, engine lubricants, engine performance, engine vibrations, maintenance, etc.

Our laboratory has 5 FTMD’s lecturer:

  • Dr. Ir. Iman Kartolaksono Reksowardojo
  • Dr. techn. Ir. Arief Hariyanto
  • Dr. Ing. Ir. Tri Yuswidjajanto Zaenuri
  • Ir. Chakimoelmal Jasjkur M.Sc
  • Dr. Ir. F. X. Sangriyadi Setio

We support 3 modules of practicum for the Bachelor Degree academic activity:

  • Fuel Calorific Value Measurement (Bomb Calorimeter)
  • Diesel Engine Performance Testing
  • Gas Turbine Performance Testing

We also have research facilities:

  • Diesel Engine
  • Experimental Gas Engine
  • Engine Dynamometers:
    • Eddy Current Dynamometer
    • Hydraulic Dynamometer
    • Electric Dynamometer
  • Fuel LHV Testing Equipment
  • Gen-set Engine with Peripheric Device in Research Version JGS 312 GS-B53
  • Exhaust Gas Analyzer
  • Safety Devices